Woman on NC Coast Tells MSNBC She's Refusing to Evacuate Her Kids Because There’s ‘Strength in Numbers’

“I think we are going to do everything normally,” she said.

MSNBC spoke to a North Carolina resident on Wednesday who said that she was not obeying a mandatory hurricane evacuation because there is “strength in numbers.”

Just hours before Hurricane Florence is set to strike the Carolinas, MSNBC’s Kerry Sanders spoke to a woman named Katie who lives in Carolina Beach, North Carolina with her three children.

Katie explained that she was refusing to evacuate and instead was planning to “just try to stay safe during the hurricane.”

“I think we are going to do everything normally,” she said.

“Why the decision to stay and not fall back further inland?” Sanders asked.

“From my experience, getting back into town after the storms is very difficult,” the Carolina Beach resident insisted. “Knowing that our family and friends and our home are all here, we didn’t want to leave them unprotected for a prolonged amount of time. We are going to try to stay put.”

“We have several neighbors saying put,” she added. “We feel there is strength in numbers. We checked in with one another. We are going band together and make it through.”

It was not immediately clear from Katie’s remarks how “strength in numbers” would protect her family from a Category Four hurricane.

Watch the video below from MSNBC.

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David Edwards is a writer for Raw Story.