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Watch: Arkansas Officer Tells Group of Black Residents They ‘Don’t Belong in My City’

The department is trying to claim racism wasn't a factor in the firing.

An England, Arkansas officer has been fired after resident Demarcus Branch posted a video of the cop's racist behavior to social media.

Officer Mike Moore had reportedly been harassing black residents since he started on the force. Branch first sent a video documenting the officer's behavior to the police department, who didn't respond.

“You don’t belong in my city,” Moore says to a group of black men on the video.

“We’re from here!” Branch responds.

“But you understand, I know who my people are, right?” Moore continues. “Who belongs here and who doesn’t? We’ve got gang wars going on, we got all kinds of stuff.”

“I was wondering, ‘Why is he doing this,” Bunch explained to THV11 of being stalked by the cop. “We’re in small England. Everybody knows everybody.”

Lonoke County Sheriff John Stale says the video wasn't a factor in Moore's firing.

“It is not a race issue, it is a personality issue,” Staley claimed. “He was terminated from Lonoke County Sheriff’s Office because he couldn’t get along with other officers and other agencies.”

Watch the video below.

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