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The View's Meghan McCain Blasts Trump's 'Buddy' Routine with Kim Jong-un: 'Closest Thing to Hitler’s Germany'

The president did nothing to address the country's egregious human rights record.

Photo Credit: ABC

Meghan McCain said Tuesday on The View that she supported a diplomatic meeting between the U.S. and North Korea but was unimpressed with President Donald Trump's behavior toward dictator Kim Jong-un.

“This is a totalitarian communist dictator in the same vein as Hitler — murder, enslavement, imprisonment, sexual violence, starvation, forced abortions, political, racial, religious persecution," she explained.

“It is the closest thing to Hitler’s Germany that exists in modern times,” McCain continued. “My problem with was how far it went, with the sort of buddy-buddy and there was no talk whatsoever of the human rights violations.”


North Korea is estimated to imprison up to 130,000 people in concentration camps where they are tortured, starved and treated as slave labor.

The president was widely criticized for his complimentary behavior toward Kim and comments about the totalitarian regime.

Watch the clip below.

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