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Trump Reportedly Humiliated Cohen in Front of His Family at Son's Bar Mitzvah

The now-president made it clear he wasn't interested in being there.

Photo Credit: MSNBC

In a profile on the strange relationship between President Donald Trump and his FBI-raided personal attorney Michael Cohen, the Wall Street Journal reported on an embarrassing anecdote from the lawyer’s son’s bar mitzvah in 2012.

According to a source who attended the younger Cohen’s coming-of-age event, Trump told the crowd, after showing up late and delaying the service, that he only attended the bar mitzvah after being urged by his attorney, secretary and children.

Guests at the celebration laughed because, as the source told the Journal, “everyone knew it was very realistic-sounding.”

Read the entire article looking into the unique — and now-strained — relationship between Trump and Cohen via the Wall Street Journal.

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Noor Al-Sibai is a news writer at Raw Story.