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This Is the Stunning Reason Why the FBI Waited Until 11 Days Before the Election to Announce It Was Reopening the Clinton Email Investigation

The explanation contains a cruel irony.

Photo Credit: Lorie Shaull

An analysis from the Intercept reveals that buried inside a 568-page report from the Justice Department is an explanation as to why the FBI announced an investigation into a new batch of Hillary Clinton's emails 11 days before the 2016 presidential election.

According to the Intercept:

At least three senior FBI officials suggested in interviews with the Inspector General that the bureau was so overwhelmed that fall with frantically investigating the suspected Trump-Russia ties that the new Clinton emails simply took a backseat. Ironically, the urgency of chasing Trump’s possible ties to the Kremlin may have helped topple his opponent.

“It was Russia, Russia, Russia all the time,” then-FBI director James Comey told the Inspector General.

“[W]e were consumed by these ever-increasing allegations of [Russian] contacts and coordination and trying to get operations up, and following people,” FBI agent Peter Strzok said.

The report wasn’t originally supposed to focus on the Russia investigation at all, with the department confirming that the Russia investigation “was not a part of this review.”

But the Intercept explains that the Clinton email investigation became so “intertwined” with the Russia investigation that it became “unavoidable.”


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