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Stormy Daniels Offers Priceless Assessment of Michael Avenatti: He Paints with 'Tears of His Enemies'

The piece is filled with amazing quotes about the president's chief public foil.

Photo Credit: CNN

A lengthy and at points cartoonish New York Times profile of adult film actor Stormy Daniels' lawyer Michael Avenatti contains a gem from his client.

"Like Trump, Avenatti is all Freudian id, loudmouthed and cocky," Times reporter Matthew Shaer explains.

Backing this claim, Daniels, whose legal name is Stephanie Clifford but prefers the porn moniker, was contacted for the profile about her lawyer's skills.

“People forced to play defense tend to get sloppy, they tend to make mistakes. And look, if I didn’t think Michael was doing a good job, I would fire his ass," Daniels began.

“[E]very time I watch him work, I think, This is what it must have been like to see the Sistine Chapel being painted," she continued.

Then came the quote of the year: "But instead of paint, Michael uses the tears of his enemies.”

The sprawling Times piece is filled with amusing observations. Avenatti has the "bearing of a light-heavyweight brawler," the Times writes, and his "cheeks and chin remain Cubist in their geometry."

Check out the full feature at the New York Times.


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