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Steve Bannon Failed to Disclose That He's $2 Million in Debt: Report

The former Trump adviser is under water on multiple home loans.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore / Flickr

In a revised filing on Tuesday, former White House adviser and current Breitbart executive Steve Bannon admitted to owing $2 million that he failed to disclose on his government employee financial filings.

As the Center for Public Integrity reports, Bannon owes millions in home loans — three of which he owes to JP Morgan Chase and a fourth he owes to Quicken Loans.

The CPI pointed out the error in an investigation in July, which listed the debts as “HOME LOAN #1,” “HOME LOAN #2,” “HOME LOAN #3” and “HOME LOAN #4” but didn’t specify who he owed the loans to. After their investigation revealed the $2 million in mysterious loans, the White House said they would fix the error and disclose who the former adviser owed, but they failed to do so until this week — months after Bannon was fired.

As their report notes, Bannon’s financial disclosures have “been edited on seven separate occasions from May to October to add or clarify a handful of items, including formal disclosure of Bannon’s role as CEO of Trump’s campaign.” It also offers a few “minor” details about the Breitbart executive’s relationship to the Mercer family and their company, Cambridge Analytica.

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Noor Al-Sibai is a news writer at Raw Story.