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Seth Meyers Nails Trump for the 'Lazy Wannabe Dictator' He's Always Been After Latest Assault on Press

The "Late Night" host had strong words for the president's party, too.

Photo Credit: NBC

After President Donald Trump suggested that news outlets that offer unfavorable coverage of his administration should have their broadcasting licenses "challenged" and that “people should look into" critical press outlets, NBC Late Night host Seth Meyers called Trump a "lazy wannabe dictator."

“It’s not that hard to look into it; it’s literally the First Amendment,” Meyers said, before reminding the president that his research only requires a single sentence of reading.

Meyers also had harsh words for Republicans who are aware that Trump is deranged and try to keep it under wraps.


"[Y]ou all know he’s a bad guy, buy you don’t want to tell the rest of us? Do you work in Congress or on the board of the Weinstein Company?”

Watch the segment below.

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