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Conservative Nicolle Wallace Says Trump Listens to 'Anybody Who Calls Him Smart and Handsome’

The host described a childlike president who can't be trusted to make decisions.

Photo Credit: MSNBC

According to conservative MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly might be sticking around to protect President Donald Trump from his own ignorance.

Wallace referenced Sen. Lindsey Graham's words in a way that may come back to haunt the senator who's become friendly with the president. 

 “Maybe he’s trying to protect the president from himself and what Lindsey Graham accurately describes as almost a childlike capacity to sort of bend to the will of anybody who calls him smart and handsome,” she said.

Wall Street Journal political reporter Eli Stokols said that Trump "really bristles" at the perception that he's been managed like a child.

"The idea that the president is some sort of childlike figure who needs constant supervision, that is something that obviously touches a nerve,” he explained.

Watch the clip below.

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