Bernie Sanders Schools Larry Wilmore on How to Spot Fake News

The Vermont senator offers a few helpful pointers (and a nod to AlterNet).

Photo Credit: Come Together Fight Back / YouTube

As is his wont, Donald Trump turned his commencement speech at the Coast Guard Academy this week into another opportunity to rail against his "enemies" in the media.

On the "Bernie Sanders Show" Thursday, the Vermont senator weighed in on the president's persecution complex and offered guest Larry Wilmore a few pointers about how to spot "fake news."

Here are three of his most basic rules for media consumption.

1. Open your eyes. 

"An incident is reported differently on Fox News than it will be in Common Dreams or on AlterNet, or some progressive site," he began. "I would say to the young people who are just getting involved; number one, open your eyes and look around you. Don't let any media tell you what reality is... the reality in your life." 

2. Look internationally. 

"Many of the ideas that I talked about [on the presidential campaign trail], people said were always revolutionary, radical," Sanders noted. But as he explained, tuition-free college and single payer health care are not "radical" in much of the first world.

"We are the only major country not to guarantee health care at all," he told Wilmore. "I'm 50 miles away from the Canadian border, what I want is what happens in Canada... It's not Che Guevara running Canada."

3. Read the right. 

"Read the right-wing media," Sanders proposed.

"I think you should read it all, yes. I feel you have to get both perspectives, you have to know what people are saying on both sides and make up your own mind," Wilmore said in agreement.

"And then... watch how they present things, [and ask] what are they leaving out," Sanders added. "Which is more important than what they're putting in." 

Watch the full interview below:

Alexandra Rosenmann is an AlterNet associate editor. Follow her @alexpreditor.

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