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Posted on: Apr 20, 2017, Source: DailyKos

All over a grain of moon rock she was trying to sell to support her family.

Posted on: Apr 7, 2017, Source: Daily Kos

The U.N. ambassador gets an earful during an interview with Greta Van Susteren.

Posted on: Sep 21, 2016, Source: DailyKos

If only Jillette could make him disappear.

Posted on: Sep 1, 2016, Source: DailyKos

A much-needed takedown of education "reformers" in both parties.

Posted on: Aug 24, 2016, Source: DailyKos

Neal Larson gets owned.

Posted on: Jun 16, 2016, Source: DailyKos

He completely dismantles Donald Trump all the way down to his orange plugs.

Posted on: Jun 9, 2016, Source: Daily Kos

The device allows a law enforcement officer to scan any credit or ATM cards.

Posted on: May 10, 2016, Source: Daily Kos

The cop seems to have conveniently forgotten the right to remain silent.

Posted on: May 3, 2016, Source: Daily Kos

A vast teacher sickout shut down 94 schools.

Posted on: Dec 8, 2015, Source: Daily Kos

Earlier this year the Obama administration forgave almost half a billion dollars in federal student loans that were fraudulently acquired.

Posted on: Dec 8, 2015, Source: Daily Kos

Ted Cruz is lambasted in absurdist fashion.

Posted on: Dec 7, 2015, Source: Daily Kos

Craig Mazin wants you and anybody listening to know that Ted Cruz is as terrible as he seems.

Posted on: Dec 2, 2015, Source: DailyKos

It won’t be surprising to most on the left that the Christians that kill people in order to protest killing are hypocrites.

Posted on: Oct 10, 2015, Source: Daily Kos

Masterful trolling.

Posted on: Aug 14, 2015, Source: Daily Kos

They were complaining to the company for no longer separating boys' and girls' toy sections.

Posted on: Aug 4, 2015, Source: DailyKos

If any of these allegations is true, that teacher should be sent to a cave inside of a nunnery.

Posted on: Jul 9, 2015, Source: Daily Kos

The hilarious exchange perfectly captures Trump's idiocy and hypocrisy.

Posted on: Jun 3, 2015, Source: DailyKos

"I had a first grader in front of me, crying . . ."

Posted on: May 12, 2015, Source: DailyKos

He did most of his food shopping at Wegmans Food Markets, where he spent $76,373 during 53 shopping runs.

Posted on: Mar 24, 2015, Source: DailyKos

Claiming your father invented "green eggs and ham?" Whoa.