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Monday, April 24, 2017

Robert Reich: How Trump Degraded the Presidency in Just 100 Days

By Robert Reich,

"Not until Trump has the moral authority of the office disappeared."

The Stain of Anti-Semitism at the White House Isn't Going Away

By Stosh Cotler, Simon Greer, AlterNet

Trump hides behind his Jewish daughter and son-in-law, but he has been an asset to anti-Semitic movements and ideologies.

John Oliver Wonders What Justifies Jared Kushner and Ivanka's Massive Policy Portfolios in the White House

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet

"We may all be thinking that Ivanka is doing a lot more than she actually is..."

Meet the Man Who Should Be the Next to Go at Fox News

By Cristina López G., Media Matters

Bill Shine continues at the helm despite reports that he helped cover up sexual harassment at the network.

Watch: 6 Trump Voters Explain Their Mixed Feelings About the Early Days of His Presidency

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet

CNN's Alisyn Camerota hosted a panel discussion on Day 95 of Trump's presidency.

Some Rare Good News: New Orleans Removes First of Four White Supremacist Monuments

By Ilana Novick, AlterNet

Supporters of the monuments made death threats against city workers.

What Is 'White Supremacy'? A Brief History of a Term, and a Movement, That Continues to Haunt America

By Anis Shivani, Salon

The term gets thrown around carelessly, but the history of this ideology is long and tangled.

Young People Want Radical Change—Survey Blows the Lid off Right-Wing and Corporate Economic Propaganda

By Les Leopold, AlterNet

The Trump administration is doing all it can to accelerate inequality—here's what a random sampling of 200 Americans under 40 want economically.

Former Trump State Campaign Chair Charged With Human Sex Trafficking of a Minor

By Bob Brigham , Raw Story

He was serving on a local school board at the time of the charges, which also include giving alcohol to a minor and inducing them to engage in sex.

Noam Chomsky: What Trump's Election Means for Humanity's 'Prospects of Survival'

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet

Participants from about 200 countries at the Marrakech climate conference mulled over the incoming U.S. president's affect on the planet.

Trump Is Totally Reliant on the Media—Maybe That's Why He Pretends to Hate It So Much

By Heather Digby Parton, Salon

Despite the "fake news" claims, Trump knows the media helped elect him—and sees ratings as his salvation.

America's Second-Largest School District Says No to McDonald's McTeacher's Nights

By Sriram Madhusoodanan, AlterNet

The Los Angeles Unified School District adopted a resolution to end the kid-targeted marketing of junk food.

The Bizarre Experience of Watching Cable News in America on Earth Day

By Thom Hartmann, AlterNet

Nobody's Talking About How People Are Getting Rich by Destroying the Planet

How Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner Personally Profit from Their Roles in the White House

By Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!

So much for being a moderating influence.

America Is 'a Democracy on Life Support — It Can’t Breathe'

By Chauncey DeVega, Salon

Author of a new book on Trump's rise says we face "something so dark, so real, so evil" with no clear precedent.

Trump's Budget Chief Makes Astounding And Ludicrous Connection Between Building Border Wall and Destroying Obamacare

By David Edwards, Raw Story

"If you fund the border wall, payments to Obamacare will not be cut."

Expert: Why Airplane Industry Acts of Cruelty Won't Stop Any Time Soon

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet

"As passengers, we don't really know what rights we have."

Donald Trump's Modern-Day Gestapo

By Sonali Kolhatkar, Truthdig

To "make America great again,"Donald Trump is ripping families apart.

AlterNet Comics: Brian McFadden on Trump's First 100 Days

By Brian McFadden, AlterNet

Cake, nepotism, and the mother of all bombs.

Monsanto Has Violated the Basic Human Right to a Healthy Environment and Food

By Katherine Paul, AlterNet

Judges at The Hague called on international lawmakers to hold corporations like Monsanto accountable.

How Facebook Became a Home to Psychopaths

By John Naughton, The Guardian

The man who shot dead an innocent 74-year-old, then posted his confession on Facebook Live, points up a worrying trend on social media

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Here Comes the Big Assault on Workers' Rights

By Christopher D. Cook, AlterNet

Trump and Republicans are pushing a radical Heritage-style agenda that could deliver immediate and long-term harm to workers and unions across the United States—including millions of those who helped elect Trump.

6 Times Donald Trump Goofed Up the Simple Stuff

By Kali Holloway, AlterNet

He gets the little things wrong as well as the big things.

The Bizarre Experience of Watching Cable News in America on Earth Day

By Thom Hartmann, AlterNet

Nobody's Talking About How People Are Getting Rich by Destroying the Planet

With Le Pen, Trump (and Putin) Are Still Pushing Fascist 'Nationalism'

By Joe Conason, AlterNet

Fascist themes have emanated from Trump and his circle almost from the beginning of his presidential campaign.

Bill O'Reilly Ruined the News: 10 Ways He and Fox News Harassed Us All

By Sophia A. McClennan, Salon

Bill O’Reilly may be out at Fox News, but we will be feeling the impact of his show for a long time.

Might the 5 Ex-Presidents Prevent Trump From Making the U.S. Unrecognizable by 2020?

By Arthur J. Magida, The Washington Spectator

The five living former presidents have a unique moral and political authority. They must use it to admonish a dangerous sitting president.

Believe It or Not: The New Age and Occult Underpinnings of Trump and Bannon's Ideology

By Mitch Horowitz, Salon

If you think New Age alternative spirituality is solely the domain of lefty hippies, you don't know your history.

Trump's Education Budget Will Undermine Teaching and Schools

By Leonie Haimson, Network for Public Education

Before Trump, class sizes were already growing.

If You Simply Must Have a Late-Night Snack, Try These Healthy Options

By Karen Reed, AlterNet

You don't need simple starches and sugars to go bed feeling satisfied.

Donald Trump's 100 Days Flip-Flop: After Campaigning on A '100-Day Plan,' Trump Now Calls It a 'Ridiculous Standard'

By Sophia Tesfaye, Salon

"Americans will be voting for this 100-day plan," Trump said while campaigning in Gettysburg.

Artist Ravi Zupa Takes on Racist Police Killings

By Ilana Novick, AlterNet

Dragons, swords and skeletons help tell the story of police brutality.

Brave New Films: Trump Bombing Afghanistan to Look Strong Is Picking on One of the World's Poorest Nations

By Robert Greenwald, Brave New Films

Look at how people are living in a nation under U.S. attack.

'Phony Numbers and Front Groups': Trump's Inaugural Donor List Contains Massive Evidence of Fraud

By Elizabeth Preza, Raw Story

Donations for Trump's 2020 campaign are already rolling in, but where is the money truly coming from?

100 Days of Deconstruction: Part One

By Steven Harper,

At CPAC, Steve Bannon declared that key members of Trump’s Cabinet were “selected for a reason.” In the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency, that reason has become clear.

Driverless Future?

By Steven Greenhouse, The American Prospect

If they ever get the bugs out, autonomous cars will put a lot of human drivers out of work.

Budweiser Wants You to Sext More

By Erin Coulehan, Salon

The King of Beers and others are cashing in on the ubiquity of sexting.

Solarcoaster: Workers Very Unhappy With Elon Musk-Owned Solar City and Chaos in the Industry

By Jessica Goodheart, Capital and Main

Former employees are disillusioned by the Wall Street-backed industries focus on sales over employee safety.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Trump's Organized Crime Ties Bring Blackmail to the White House

By Jefferson Morley, AlterNet

Says one former business partner, "The headline will be ‘The Kazakh Gangster and President Trump.'"

March for Science on Earth Day to Resist Trump's War on Facts

By Dr. David Suzuki, AlterNet

Drastic cuts to science-based agencies like the EPA are galvanizing scientists worldwide.

Trump's First 100 Days: More Frightening, or More Pathetic?

By Heather Digby Parton, Salon

"We have done so much," boasts the president. But other than scary Jeff Sessions, it's been unmitigated failure.

Why Do People Cherry-Pick Which Science They Accept?

By Jeremy Sherman, Psychology Today

It’s not just the science-denier's fault. It’s also science’s Achilles' heel.

Science Saved My Life: Saturday's March for Science Is Personal, Too

By Erin Williams, Salon

We must fight for science, and for our right to understand why the world is the way it is.

It's Official: Top Psychiatrists at Yale Conference Warn That Trump Has a 'Dangerous Mental Illness'

By Brad Reed, Raw Story

Trump's mental health could have a dangerous impact on the American people.

America Is Regressing into a Developing Nation for Most People

By Lynn Stuart Parramore, AlterNet

A new book reveals that the U.S. is becoming two distinct countries, with separate economies, politics and opportunities.

The Bernie TV Show: He Doesn't Need Corporate Media

By Adam Gabbatt, The Guardian

The Vermont senator has found a new way to bypass traditional media.

Debunking Latest Tax Cut Advice To Trump From Alternative Fact-Filled World of Pro-Corporate Economists

By Jared Bernstein, On the Economy

Remember Ronald Reagan's trickle-down economics that didn't trickle down?

Pundits Who Helped Sell NATO's Destruction of Libya Push for Trump to Lead Syria Regime Change

By Ben Norton, AlterNet

Human slaves are now being sold in Libya, after NATO regime change. The pundits who backed it now have their sights on Syria.

Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions Ramp up Their Crusade Against Black and Brown Americans

By Chauncey DeVega, Salon

Remember when Trump promised to "take care" of African-Americans? Sessions is now in charge of carrying that out.

Watch: Bernie Sanders in Texas Rallies to Make a Monster Red State Turn Blue

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet

The Revolution tour continues.

‘The New York Times’ Makes Nice With the Right

By Neal Gabler,

Adding Bret Stephens to its roster of op-ed voices seems to be some kind of atonement for missing Trumpism. But is it the right move?

Parents Should Be Wary of Grandiose School Choice Claims by Libre, The Koch Brothers' Latino Front Group

By Julian Vasquez Heilig, Network for Public Education

School choice perpetuates separate and unequal schools.

Brave New Films: Prison Bureaucrats Play God Keeping Non-Violent, Terminally Ill in Jail Instead of With Family

By Robert Greenwald, Mary Price, Brave New Films

Why is compassionate release being ignored?

How To Win With Identity Politics

By Leigh Ann Smith, The Establishment

Forget what the pundits are peddling — identity politics can play a key role in shaping a better future.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Senator Sycophant: Lindsey Graham Goes Full Donald

By Jefferson Morley, AlterNet

The elusive hope for a principled Republican dies in the fog of war.

Shocking Exposé Reveals Trump Associates & ISIS-Linked Vigilantes Are Attempting Coup in Indonesia

By Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!

Investigative reporter Allan Nairn links Trump associates to terrorist plots in Indonesia.

Donald Trump Jr. Is Going to Montana to Kill Pregnant Prairie Dogs

By Reynard Loki, AlterNet

Pregnant prairie dogs need to be protected, not shot.

Trevor Noah Mocks the Trump Aministration's Obsolete Views About Marijuana

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet

"There's another reason that it's weird Trump's attorney general is against marijuana..."

An Intimate Look at Some of the Recent Global Natural Weather Disasters

By Chellis Glendinning, AlterNet

Stan Cox and Paul Cox describe the destructive force of nature in the context of climate change.

The Shocking Reality of a Future of Shrinking Jobs

By Paul Buchheit, AlterNet

A stunning 94 percent of the 9 million new jobs created in the past decade were temp or contract-based gigs.

How an Activist Campaign Toppled Fox News' Biggest Star

By Matthew Sheffield, Salon

Using both old and new activist techniques, progressive organizations knocked off a right-wing media titan.

Is the Deep State Our Only Control Over Trump?

By Robert Kuttner, The American Prospect

When you actually try to govern, reality has a way of pushing back. Who knew?

Diehard O'Reilly Fans Are Boycotting Fox News for Letting the Embattled Host Go

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet

"The Young Turks" weighed in on their plans.

Poll: More Americans Than Ever Want Marijuana Legalized

By , Voice of America

A new Quinnipiac survey shows support for freeing the weed rising sharply.

Ellen Isn't Your Scapegoat: Caitlyn Jenner Has No One but Herself to Blame for Her Tarnished Public Image

By Nico Lang, Salon

In her memoir, “The Secrets of My Life,” Jenner blames DeGeneres for her lack of LGBT fans.

Trump's Wacky Conspiracy Nut Pal Alex Jones Tries to Say He Is Just Pretending

By Todd Gitlin,

Jones' lawyer: He’s not a deranged crackpot, he just plays one on the radio.

Largest Charter School Chain in L.A. Raises Millions in Dark Money to Fight Union Drive, State Auditor Finds

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

Union busting has long been a national goal of the K-12 privatization movement.

Ditching O’Reilly Is Not Enough

By Adele M. Stan, The American Prospect

The real strike against a culture of sexual intimidation would be for British regulators to deny Fox’s bid for a satellite company.

Why Protest? Answers for Discouraged Activists

By Ilana Novick, AlterNet

Dozens chime in on why resistance is necessary and burnout is worth overcoming.

We've Been Here Before: The Eerie Parallels Between World War I and Present-Day America

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet

A new PBS documentary examines the hidden figures of the Great War.

Why Trumpian Conspiracy Theories and Anti-Semitism Are Intimately Connected

By Talia Lavin, The Establishment

Our modern political climate has helped bolster the oldest conspiracy theory of all.

Roger Ailes' Fake News Empire: Former Fox News Head Presided Over a Panoply of Phony 'Sockpuppet' Blogs

By Matthew Sheffield, Salon

Former Fox News CEO paid for many deceptive sites, including leering blogs promoting female Fox personalities.

Watch: Bernie Sanders in Texas Rallies to Make a Monster Red State Turn Blue

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet

The Revolution tour continues.

5 Reasons Our 'Sons' Need Feminism, Too

By Katherine DM Clover, Everyday Feminism

It takes all of us to dismantle the patriarchy.

Italian Court Rules Mobile Phone Use Caused Brain Tumor

By , The Guardian

Court awards pension to employee who claimed work-related use of a mobile led to him developing a benign tumor.

Congrats, Graduates! Here’s Your Diploma and Debt

By Chuck Collins, OtherWords

Forty-four million households now hold student debt.

The War on Drugs Is Racist, and Donald Trump Is Embracing It With Open Arms

By Steven W. Thrasher, The Guardian

Drugs have long been used to scapegoat blacks and Latinos. With Jeff Sessions doing Trump’s bidding as attorney general, things will only get worse.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Why Andrew Sullivan Won't Stop Pushing Deranged and Thoroughly Debunked Race Science

By Chauncey DeVega, Salon

A new essay in New York Magazine exposes conservatism's deep-seated bigoted assumptions.

Bernie Sanders Sums Up Republicans' Entire Economic Model in a Single Word

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet

The Vermont senator gets a warm reception in Miami on day three of his multi-state unity tour.

WATCH: Bill O'Reilly Goes Ballistic When Al Franken Exposes Him as a Liar in Vintage Segment

By Elizabeth Preza, Raw Story

The two squared off at BookExpo event back in 2003.

America Commits Acts of Terrorism—Why Is That So Hard to Understand?

By Vijay Prashad, AlterNet

When America bombs, it's rational; when other countries do it, we cry terrorism.

As He Leaves Fox, Here Are Bill O’Reilly’s Worst Moments on the Air

By Brennan Suen, Katherine Hess , Media Matters

Twenty-one years of racism, sexism and homophobia.

Bernie Sanders Gives a Barn-Burning Speech in Mitch McConnell's Backyard

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet

The Vermont senator shamed the Kentucky senator in Louisville.

Jim Hightower: Is a New Populist Movement Stirring?

By Jim Hightower, AlterNet

The Donald's deep darkness has sparked a prairie fire of mass opposition.

Elizabeth Warren Unveils Her Blueprint for Fighting (and Defeating) Trump

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet

The Massachusetts senator visited Rachel Maddow to promote her new book.

Why We Really Deserve to Know a Lot More About Erik Prince's Role in Shaping Trump's Foreign Policy

By Heather Digby Parton, Salon

Founder of a disgraced mercenary outfit that committed war crimes in Iraq, Erik Prince is way too close to Trump.

Robert Reich: Berkeley Protesters Don't Get It About Free Speech

By Robert Reich,

How can students understand the vapidity of Ann Coulter's arguments if they won't let her make them?

Trevor Noah Has Just One Question for Advertisers After Bill O'Reilly's Ouster

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet

The "Daily Show" host bids farewell to cable news' most odious talking head.

No Immunity for Federal Agent Who Made Elderly NASA Widow Stand in Urine-Soaked Pants for Hours

By Walter Einenkel, DailyKos

All over a grain of moon rock she was trying to sell to support her family.

March for Science on Earth Day to Resist Trump's War on Facts

By Dr. David Suzuki, AlterNet

Drastic cuts to science-based agencies like the EPA are galvanizing scientists worldwide.

Ice Cream and Bacon Matter: Why Economists Are Hanging on Your Every Purchase

By Dan McCue, Courthouse News

Bacon's popularity has skyrocketed in the last 10 years.

5 Times Bill O'Reilly Said Clearly Racist Things While Claiming He's Not Racist

By Elizabeth Preza, AlterNet

The Fox News anchor is sure as hell he isn't racist... unless you actually know what racism means.

Was a Police Report Altered to Convict a Man for Murder? Inside a Woman's Quest to Free Her Brother

By Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!

Prosecutors should be committed to justice, not convictions at all costs.

Ugly Anniversary: Israel Has Been an Occupier for Half a Century

By Jonathan Cook, AlterNet

Fifty years on, a two-state solution is nothing more than a pipe dream.

How Even a Slight Reduction in Meat Eating Takes a Big Burden off the Planet

By Brian Kateman, TarcherPerigee

The reducetarian diet is so easy and practical, anyone could do it.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Why Aren't Bernie Sanders-Style Democrats Getting More Support from the Party Leaders in Washington?

By Jamie Peck, The Guardian

In Kansas, the Democrats barely lifted a finger to help James Thompson, a progressive who came painfully close to winning. That’s a losing strategy.

How the Right-Wing Koch and DeVos Families Are Funding Hate Speech on College Campuses Across the U.S.

By Alex Kotch, AlterNet

Racist, sexist, Islamophobic speakers spark violence and publicity for Koch and Mercer-backed juggernauts.

Elizabeth Warren Reveals Mitch McConnell Is Just as Big a Jerk Behind Closed Doors

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet

Those reports about how he won't make eye contact with the Massachusetts senator? They're all true.

Bill O'Reilly Is Through at Fox News: Report

By Jacob Sugarman, AlterNet

Update: The Murdochs have decided to cut ties with their star television host.

Bernie Sanders Gives a Barn-Burning Speech in Mitch McConnell's Backyard

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet

The Vermont senator shamed the Kentucky senator in Louisville.

Thank Donald Trump if You're Bathing in Raw Sewage at the Beach This Summer

By Star Ledger Editorial Board,

Cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency would eliminate tests for fecal contamination.

'Morning Joe' Hints Congressional Republicans May Finally Be Turning on Trump

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet

"I do wish that he would spend more time in Washington, D.C."

Bill O'Reilly Spins Out: Americans Want His Show Canceled—and Their Numbers Are Growing

By Kali Holloway, AlterNet

After years of pushing racism and sexism, the Fox News host may be immersed in a scandal that will finally take him down.

Was It Racism or Desire for Authoritarian Leadership That Elected Trump? The Right Answer Is Both

By Heather Digby Parton, Salon

New data suggests Trump voters have highly negative views of African Americans. But that's not the whole story.

Why the Results of Georgia's Special Election Are a Big Win for Democrats

By Sophia Tesfaye, Salon

Jon Ossoff couldn't flip a congressional seat outright, but he's well-positioned for a runoff in June.

Stephen Colbert Is Pretty Sure Donald Trump Can't Name the Supreme Leader of North Korea

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet

"Either that or the best nickname he could come up with is 'this gentleman.'"

13 Questions That Scare Charter School Advocates

By Alan Singer, The Huffington Post

Communities need to know what they're being sold.

Fox News in Talks to Ax Bill O'Reilly: Reports

By Tom Porter, Newsweek

The network star faces numerous charges of sexual harassment, one as recent as Tuesday.

Robert Reich: 4 Reasons Trump's Plan to Shrink the IRS Would Do Big Damage to Society

By Robert Reich,

There’s reason to think Trump doesn’t even want to pay his own taxes.

Why Small-Scale Farming Is Our Best Hope for Restoring Rural America

By Sarah van Gelder, AlterNet

There is nothing inevitable about the demise of rural America.

How to Lose the Next War in the Middle East

By Danny Sjursen, TomDispatch

The best result is "don't invade."

How Prozac Cleared a Path for Medical Marijuana

By Fred Gardner, Project CBD

“In a country that pushes Prozac on shy teenagers, all marijuana use is medical.”

WeCopwatch Gets Its Due: Doc About Nationwide Police Watchdog Featured at Major Film Festival

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet

A new documentary portrays the people who catch police misconduct on video.

20 Canned Tuna Brands Ranked: How Sustainable Is Your Brand?

By David Pinsky, Greenpeace

Does your canned tuna come with a side of ocean destruction?

Mother of All Hypocrisies: Trump Cares for Some Syrian Babies, Not Others

By Robert Fisk, The Independent

When Shia babies of equal humanity were blasted to pieces this weekend, Trump could not care less.

How Cable News Keeps Getting It Wrong About Abortion and Reproductive Rights

By Sharon Kann, Media Matters

Evening cable news can’t seem to talk about abortion without relying on men and anti-choice myths.

How to Achieve Real Criminal Justice Reform, Despite President Trump

By John F. Pfaff, Basic Books

To start, lawmakers must grapple with the root causes of mass incarceration.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Bill O'Reilly Is Through at Fox News: Report

By Jacob Sugarman, AlterNet

Update: The Murdochs have decided to cut ties with their star television host.

Trump's Got a Big Millennial Problem

By Sophia A. McClennan, Salon

Polls show the majority of millennials view Trump as an illegitimate president, and they don't like Ivanka either.

Robert Reich: There's Nothing Centrist About Trump's Latest 'Pivot'

By Robert Reich,

The president is effectively handing the country over to Wall Street and Big Business.

Trump's Missile Attack on Syria Justified With Fake Intelligence, Experts Say

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

Echoes of George W. Bush's disastrous invasion of Iraq.

Stephen Colbert Humiliates Alex Jones with Some 'Performance Art' of His Own

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet

The "Late Show" host knows a thing or two about playing a right-wing lunatic.

The Massive Monopolies of Google, Facebook and Amazon, and Their Role in Destroying Privacy, Producing Inequality and Undermining Democracy

By Don Hazen, AlterNet

Author Jonathan Taplin discusses the unseen ways Ayn Rand's cruel libertarianism has permeated Silicon Valley and the White House.

Lobbyists Are Funneling Corporate Cash to Bribe Democrats into Voting for Some of Trump's Most Toxic Legislation

By Andrew Perez, International Business Times

A new report finds corporate lobbyists funneling cash to the DCCC ahead of the 2018 elections.

Trump Has Deep Links to Organized Crime: Federal Investigators Know It and the Public Is Catching Up

By Jefferson Morley, AlterNet

As Trump built his empire, he attracted a criminal element whose ties still bind.

Ivanka Trump Is Making Out Like a Bandit Under the Trump Administration

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet

From Canada to China, the world is fast becoming the former model's runway.

Pro-Trump Rioters Just Got Their Best Recruitment Tool Yet

By Amanda Marcotte, Salon

A street brawl in Berkeley is proving a marketing coup for wannabe brownshirts.

Jimmy Kimmel Knows Why Mike Pence Couldn't Bring Himself to Attend the White House Easter Egg Roll

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet

That diplomatic trip to South Korea isn't fooling this late-night host.

'Massive Electoral Fraud' in Turkey's Referendum

By David L. Phillips, The Huffington Post

Reports find followers of Tayyip Erdogan rigged vote to give president sweeping executive powers.

20 Popular Foods We May Lose If Bee Populations Continue to Decline

By Jennifer Forbes, AlterNet

Hundreds of North American bee species are in decline due to pesticides and habitat loss, putting the food supply at risk.

Trump Wildly Mocked Over Tweet Urging Everyone to Read a Book Without Any Words

By Eric W. Dolan, Raw Story

"Glad to see you can find a book on your reading level."

We Are Witnessing the First Global Alliance of Far-Right Parties Since the 1930s

By , History News Network

Much like their American counterparts, they hate immigrants and love Putin.

Stop Swooning Over Canada's Justin Trudeau—The Man Is a Disaster for the Planet

By Bill McKibben, The Guardian

Donald Trump is a creep and unpleasant to look at, but at least he’s not a stunning hypocrite when it comes to climate change.

10 of Trump's Biggest Broken Promises from His First 100 Days in Office

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet

"Insurance for everybody..."

4 Signs You Have High Emotional Intelligence

By Kimberly A. Barchard and Jose M. Mestre, The Conversation

These might be things you do without even thinking.

Supreme Court to Review a Major Second Amendment Case

By Michele Gorman, Newsweek

The case could decide whether the Second Amendment allows citizens to carry handguns outside of the home.

Let's Stop Calling North Korea 'Crazy' and Understand Its Motives

By Isaac Stone Fish, The Guardian

The world knows little about the palace politics in North Korea, yet it seems like Kim is acting intelligently.

Why We March: Drug Policy Researchers and Allies Take to the Streets for the National March for Science

By Jules Netherland, Sheila Vakharia, AlterNet

They'll be wielding facts and compassion in the face of ignorance and hatred.

Republicans Are Determined to Shred Health Insurance Provided by Employers

By Alex Henderson, AlterNet

Trump has no credibility on the subject of health care.

How the Artist Banksy Helps Us See the Authoritarianism All Around Us

By Benedikt Feiten, Marilyn DeLaure, Moritz Fink, NYU Press

By planting fake artifacts in museums that went unnoticed for days, Banksy was one of the first to demonstrate how susceptible people are to accepting fake facts.